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Cities that Require a Truth in Housing Inspection (TISH) Prior to Sale in MN

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The following Twin Cities communities require Truth-in-Housing inspections prior to listing your home for sale. Each city’s requirements differ in terms of when the inspection and repairs must be done, who must perform the inspection, and what repairs need to be made. Click on your city below to find out the specifics.

Often referred to as TISH inspections (Truth in Sale of Housing), they are different than the standard inspection performed for and paid by most buyers. The TISH inspections are paid for by the seller and mandated by the city to ensure certain hazards do not exist. Examples of these hazards may be smoke detectors, railings, plumbing, electrical, leaking sewer lines, etc. Because each city differs in their requirements, check the link below on what will need to be completed to receive your certificate of compliance that will be needed to close the sale of your property.

Most buyers will also still have their own inspection as these inspections tend to include more items than the city inspections – such as appliances, exterior grading, radon, etc. The TISH inspection should be available for buyers to review along with the Seller’s Property Disclosure during showings.

Links to City Websites Explaining Their TISH Program

Bloomington – Time of Sale Inspection 

Golden Valley – Sewer Inspection

Hopkins – No Longer Required as of 1/14/2021

Maplewood – Truth in Housing Inspection

Minneapolis – Truth in Housing Inspection

Mounds View – Sewer Inspection

New Hope – Point of Sale Inspection

Orono – Sewer Inspection

Richfield – Point of Sale Inspection

Robbinsdale – Point of Sale Inspection

Saint Louis Park – Property Maintenance Inspection

Saint Paul – Truth in Sale of Housing Inspection

South Saint Paul – Time of Sale Inspection

West Saint Paul – Inflow and Infiltration Compliance



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