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Locksmith after Closing??

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When you purchase a home, you are supposed to receive all the keys and garage door openers from the sellers.  Sometimes you receive only a few keys because all the locks are keyed the same.  Sometimes you receive a whole zip-lock full of keys all marked (or not) for the different doors they unlock.  But here’s the thing, you’re probably not getting all the keys.  I was at a closing one time where the sellers stated that all of the neighbors had each others keys to their homes just in case there was a problem should one of them be out of town.  While all of these neighbors might be completely reputable, it kind of freaked the new buyers out a little bit.  So for complete piece of mind you may want to call a locksmith and have new keys made for your newly purchased home.  Or, if you are handy and only have a few locks, you can purchase new deadbolts and knobs and install yourself.  New technologies like smart locks might also be considered.

One other thing to consider is your garage door opener.  I am pretty sure I could still drive by a house we sold a couple years ago and open the garage door with the smart button in my car.  Go online and get instructions how to reprogram any garage door openers you may have and also the remote panels located outside the garage.

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