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Real Estate & Covid-19

Dan Kokesh, Realtor

What We Are Doing to Keep Buyers and Sellers Safe During the Covid-19 Crisis
In these times of uncertainty, here at Keller Williams, we continue to be available to serve our client’s needs while implementing the practices in line with CDC requirements to keep everyone safe.  Despite the current Covid-19 pandemic people still need to buy and sell real estate and, with interest rates as low as they are it’s a great time to be in the market.  We have been trained on the CDC recommendations and can ensure you that every measure will be taken to protect everyone’s health and safety during the process.  Here are some of the measures being taken to keep our clients safe.


  • Utilize online photography, virtual tours and MLS information to narrow down homes that are of interest to you.
  • Have your agent preview the home and utilize apps like Facetime to virtually walk through the home with them.
  • Once you narrow down your home list and there is a home you would like to walk through; plan to arrive in your own car, wear nitrile gloves and booties (agent provided), keep practicing social distancing, try not to touch anything and have your agent open doors and turn on lights for you.  Once finished trash the gloves and booties and use hand sanitizer before getting into your car. 


  • For the near future, there will be no open houses held on listings.
  • Let your agent know what precautions you would like showing agents to take with their buyers (ie. no children, leave lights on, no more than 3 people in your home at a time, leave wipes to use to open doors). 
  • Once showings are finished wipe down counters, light switches, and doorknobs.
  • Think about offering your home as a “Coming Soon” listing in MLS to create demand once the crisis has lifted.

 Buyers and Sellers:

  • All meetings to discuss homes and other matters can be held virtually.
  • All signatures can be obtained from you online.
  • Closings can be held online, or if you prefer in-person with just you and the closing agent.
Interested to learn more about real estate & Covid-19 and how we can accomplish your real estate goals during this uncertain time?  Give me a call.



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