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In this market of multiple offers and market time counted on one hand I’m seeing a lot of short cuts being taken by listing agents to save a few dollars.  For home sellers, it’s time for you to get knowledgeable about what to expect from your listing agent.  In today’s real estate market of low inventory even if the listing agent does minimal work you may have multiple offers in your hands a few days later.  But what if they did all the marketing they usually would in a balanced or even a buyer’s market?  Imagine how many more offers you might have and how this additional traffic would produce a higher sales price.  I was told when I first started in real estate that the more people you can bring to the table, the more you will get for the house and that still holds true today.  So when listing your home for sale make sure you and your agent agree that at minimum the following are completed.  It will help you get even more buyers to your home and more money in your pocket.

  • Expectations from Listing Agent
    • Correct information posted on MLS
    • Professional photography on MLS immediately after listing is posted.
    • Professional looking brochures.
    • All necessary disclosures at the home for showings.
      • These may go quickly so make sure that there is plenty-on hand and your agent makes up a three-ring binder just in case you run out with all the brochures and disclosures that can not be taken from the home.
    • Preliminary help with staging the home.
    • A well written summary of the home, it’s updates and amenities, and the neighborhood.
    • Make sure that your homes information once posted to MLS will be distributed to all third-party sites like Zillow, Realtor.com, etc.
    • Networking the listing with other Realtors looking for this type of home.
    • Allow the listing to run 3-4 days before reviewing offers.

There are many more activities that go into a full, successful marketing plan.  But with shorter marketing times, ensuring your agent is doing these at a minimum will give you the confidence you are receiving top dollar for your home.  Of course the above assumes you are not using a discount brokerage and thus have not agreed to reduced services for a reduced commission. Remember the most important activity that brings buyers to your home is setting a fair market price.  The buyers can decide from there if the price will be driven up due to supply and demand.  Contact Minneapolis area Realtor Dan Kokesh to see what a complete and professional marketing plan for your home would look like.

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